Browser Text Games

Browser Text Games
Browser Text Games
Browser Text Games

Text games played on your browser

Text Browser Games refer to any kind of game played via your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, etc). The game itself is based on written content or simply “text”. In other words, you are playing a game that is story centered. For instance, a browser text game could have a main theme of medieval fantasy. You will play the part of a knight that has to make correct choices to rescue the princess or slay the dragon. This has been explained more in the article: Writing Your Own Exciting Fantasy Adventure Now. Normally, you will play this via a visually intense video game, however in a text based game you let the words of the story bring everything to life. Through your mind’s eye, better known as your imagination, the world is more vast than in the video variety.

What types of browser text games are there?

There are many categories of browser text games such as plain text stories as already described or limited graphics where a 2D character walks around a 2D world using text to communicate with in game characters. Some game creators have also created vast worlds and stories that allow you to not only read the story but create the story as well. This is very much apparent in a game called, “Ruler of Kings II RPG“. Ruler of Kings II or “ROK II” for short is a medieval fantasy game that you play via your browser. In this game you start a story that involves your character. As you read the story you make choices and take certain actions towards the progression or digression of your character. Thus, the game becomes a story and takes shape into your own miniature novel.

What do I have to install to play?

You do not need to install anything! The simplicity of this kind of game is what makes it so attractive. All you need to have is the following:

  1. A web browser on your phone or desktop
  2. An internet connection, it doesn’t even have to be very fast
  3. The ability to read and in some cases write what actions you want for your character
  4. Sit back and enjoy!

Are point and click games the same as text browser games?

Yes and no, it all depends on which text browser games you are playing. Some text games allow you to point and click at predefined actions that take you to another part of the story. Other game may focus on the fact that you must come up with the answer. An example of this is typing the word “north” to go north. More dynamic games like Ruler of Kings II has a little of everything to keep it unexpected so you do not get used to doing one kind of play method via your browser.

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