Autism Text Based Role-Playing Games Benefits

Autism Text Based RPGs
Autism and Role-Playing Games

Autism Text Based RPG? What Is Autism?

I have already shown what are Text Based RPGs elsewhere in this site so here I will focus on the benefits for those on the Autism Spectrum. Autism Text Based RPGs can be a great opportunity for those on the Spectrum to spread their wings. As a parent of three boys on the Autism Spectrum I can give you a very simplistic explanation. It is my personal definition as an Autism Parent:

Autism means the person interacts with the world in a different way than others might expect. A lot of times the person on the spectrum will pick up details about things that others miss because they observe the world in a unique way.

That is my basic account. Others will give you a scientific or dictionary explanation but I can promise you that my definition covers all. I can say this because each person on the Autism Spectrum is different but the common factor is their unique interaction with the world around them.

What does Role-Playing have to do with Autism?

Rather than repeat myself here I have written about this in a lot of depth via our Community: Autism & RPGs. In summary, specially created games allow those on the Autism Spectrum to be included in games that might otherwise exclude them because of impatient participants. Sometimes Autism writers will give more thought than other players so when they describe their Character’s actions it has a lot of detail.

Do you know of Text RPG Games for Autism?

I’ve coded a Medieval Fantasy Text RPG called, “Ruler of Kings II” which is not exclusive for those on the Spectrum, however it certainly does cater for anyone on the Spectrum. ROK II, the shortened name, goes at a pace that is acceptable for the Player. It also allows you to created the kind of Character you want without being judged or limited.