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Do You Love Writing?

Or in this case 'typing' since fantasy role-play stories are all done online via your keyboard / mobile interface for FREE. Play anonymously, we don't ask for your real name and phone number like some social media. Some people refer to this style of online gaming as "collaborative storytelling" BUT it is MORE than that. Imaginative role play, depending on which game you are in, also involves: personal achievement, membership status, activity, rolling dice (luck), statistics and logic. There are also visual resources such as selecting avatars, body type, symbols and familiars. Each time you add to a game these things are checked and displayed! We use custom, D&D, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Traveller and many others. See An Example
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A lot of Players tend to gravitate towards a fantasy Medieval setting but there is also Horror and Science Fiction.

Fantasy Text RPG is a known theme.

About Text RPG

What is TextRPG.com or Text Forum Role-Playing Games?

Text Role-Playing refers to imaginative story building. "Text" refers to writing (typing in your Character's actions) online. "RPG" refers to role-playing games. When you join them together you get "Writing online in role-playing games". Other names used are: "Play by post" or "PBP" for short, "PBeM" or "Play by Email", etc. Everything is done via your browser so essentially it is a Browser RPG or Browser game.

Those of you familiar with Dungeons & Dragons around a table will already be familiar with this kind of group game play. The difference here is that you use a Forum / Community online to play rather than in person.

Is it like Tabletop RPGs?

Yes, very similar, the only difference is all the communication, character sheets, dice and scenarios are online, using a Forum (Bulletin Board) as the interface. In our particular Community we cater for a more cultured player (that's a nice way to say "seasoned" or "mature") to keep the communication at a high level. Our Text RPGs Players come from all over the world therefore varying time zones and real time responsibilities are taken into account. Therefore Players add to the game as they can without significant pressure. Usually, typing what your character will do once for the day is sufficient.

Say What? Imagination?

If you don't know what we're talking about yet then read on: Imagine a fantasy novel where you are the heroic warrior but instead of reading what happens to the warrior you decide what the warrior does, says and who he fights - this is role-playing. Essentially, instead of just reading the story - your character becomes the story and you decide what steps you want your character to take to shift the world he is 'in'. The person who defines the world or environment is called the "Dungeon Master" or "DM" for short. The person who role-play's the character in the DM's world is called the "Player". A typical RPG can have 1 DM and 3-8 Players. See A GM's Scifi Example

Autism Spectrum Benefits

The Administrator of it all is also the father of three boys on the austism spectrum. See how it has helped him: Autism & RPGs

Which RPGs Are Available?

Our RPGs cover all types: Medieval, Futuristic, Drama, Super Hero, Village Life, etc. Set systems like D&D, Pathfinder and custom made are there. You can also START YOUR OWN! Here are some more examples:
Super Heroes Example
D&D 3.5 Example
A GM Helps Pathfinder Players Example
A Fortune Teller Plots Example
Drama By A Hot Tub Example
Matrix Interface Example Mystery & Horror Board
Action Text RPGing is an alternative.

Why Use A Community?

Our world-wide Community holds a Membership that gives you access to more than just RPGs. You have worthwhile Discussion on various Topics from around the globe including science, authors, war, culture and so forth. There is also a section to review RPGs and other game types. Don't feel intimidated, there is plenty of help in this Community. We do not flame or belittle people who are new and want to learn. See what is currently being Discussed: What's New

Modern Text RPG is available too.

Is there a cost to playing RPGs?

NO! All our RPGs are FREE! Free to play and free to participate, but we do welcome Donations for sure. All we ask is that you take the game seriously by Posting constructively and being timely in updating your character's actions so the game does not become stagnant for too long.

What do I need to start?

The very first thing you should do is join our International Community. Do note the Rules there, its not for 'jokers', we take general input and role-play gaming seriously. In an Introductory Post you can tell us which kind of RPG you are interested in and someone will guide you accordingly. Register Now or you can also see the various Text-RPGs we have to offer.

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Zork thinks hard and fast about the angle he wants to take on this. Finally he says, "Wait, you mean you have been down here so long that you have not heard of us?"

He will then tell him what we've done in bringing justice by capturing one of the wayward sword lords and asks him what he thinks about it.

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